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Point of Purchase displays:

Mix: 6- WeedShark PRO, 6-WeedShark MightyMax, 6-SharkTeeth POLY, 3-SharkTeeth STAINLESS STEEL, Sharkline 12 units of all 3 sizes.

MightMax: 12-WeedShark MightyMax, 12- SharkTeeth POLY, SharkLine 12 unity of all 3 sizes.

PRO:  12-WeedShark PRO, 6-SharkTeeth POLY, 6-SharkTeeth STAINLESS STEEL, 12- SharkLine .130dia.

MightyMax Plus: 12-WeedShark MightyMax, 12- SharkTeeth POLY, 6-SharkTeeth STAINLESS STEEL

6 Pack Cases:

WeedShark PRO(#C-72603)

WeedShark MightyMax(#C-78221)

6 Pack Replacement Teeth Cases:


Stainless Steel(#C-92459)

Case (12) pricing for all sizes of SharkLine

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