This state of the art trimmer head replaces your machine’s OEM string head. The WeedShark line also includes replacement parts to support this versatile platform.

The Original WeedShark™ used for multiple sets of gardening applications. TheWeedShark™ platform guarantees control from the Patent Pending “Hovering system” on the bottom of the WeedShark. The Patent Pending “Fins” hold effective line and dissipate buildup of cut weeds from the trimmers driveshaft.   The “Tail Whip” design creates a dual action cutting motion that chomps up everything in its path.

SharkTeeth: Replacement teeth for all the WeedShark Platforms

SharkLine:  Made in the U.S.A., SharkLine™ is 14” pre-cut trimmer line for your WeedShark.

SharkOil: Biodegradable 2 Cycle Engine Oil, that meets or exceeds TC-W3 and JASO FB. Made in the U.S.A  (Coming Soon!!!)




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