WeedShark Trimmer Heads

Engineered in the USA; Quality in design, manufacturing, durability, and versatility make the WeedSharks awesome tools for farmers, gardeners, and home owners alike. Using WeedSharks considerably saves time when attacking weeds.


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WeedShark Mighty Max:

Price: $29.95 + Shipping

Product Number: 78221

Used for machines 21cc +. Best used for: Dry brush areas, Light grass cutting

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WeedShark PRO®:

Price: $59.95 + Shipping

Product Number: 72603

Professional Grade; Comes with Stainless Steel blades and .130 Chomper SharkLine™ Trimmer Line . Used for Straight Shaft trimmer machines 21cc-40cc. This upgrade will allow everything the Original WeedShark MightyMax will, plus more. Best used for: Medium grass cutting, Brush cutting, Power Raking, Light Tilling.